"New season will start on 1st April."

There's nothing better then fresh juicy mango fruit in the summer season. ORDER NOW! for a box of fruit that is direct from our Farm. Carbide and Chemical Free Ripen Mangoes…Ripened on the tree Hand-picked and packed. Brought to your door step absolutely free .

We have our own mango farms in Ratnagiri. We sell our Mangoes direct to you without paying extra delivery charge.

Mango brokers buy mangoes from us and sell at very high price in the market. Ideally 4-5 times of the actual cost, neither the customer (you) nor the (we) farmers are benefiting from the produce. So we decided to go directly to customer’s doing away with the agents, that's how we started.... Ratnagiri Mangoes

Order now to Taste the real fruit King fresh and natural !

Rantnagiri Silver Mangoes
(Weight 225 to 250 gms)

Rantnagiri Gold Mangoes
(Weight 250 to 275 gms)

Rantnagiri Platinum Mangoes
(Weight 275 to 300 gms)